About us

RAK HAFFER is a family-owned design studio founded by two sisters. It is the result of their complementary personalities as well as their shared passion and dedicated work. We felt a strong need to create beautiful, natural and durably made items, therefore we decided to start designing vegetable-tanned leather products, which become more refined over time and may be used for many years. 

The aesthetics that we offer is reflected in the form’s proportions, the materials used, as well as the crafting method. Products designed by us are proudly crafted in Poland in a small family-owned craft workshop, with extensive experience in leathercraft. We use leathers which originate from a European tannery that specializes in the oldest method of leather processing based on natural vegetable tanning agents. Our collection includes modern and subtle solutions to classical forms of bags, highlighting advantages of the used material as well as giving priority to the quality and durability of our products.

We offer designs which are timeless, unaffected by fast-changing fashion and trends, crafted by individual people, who have respect for material, work and the environment. In our small company we prepare designs which are to last, satisfying the needs of those who appreciate a conscious and non-commercial lifestyle.

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