Our values

INTENTIONAL DESIGN - our designs are simple in form. We try to limit particular elements to the minimum, focusing on timeless construction being as simple as possible, so as to draw attention to the unique material used in our products. We also pay attention to comfort of use and to the tiniest details of our products.

TOP QUALITY VEGETABLE-TANNED LEATHER - our products are crafted with the use of vegetable-tanned leather of the highest quality, originating from a reputable tannery, one of the best in Europe with more than 140 years of family tradition, specializing in this tanning technique from the very beginning. 

In the tanning industry, different leather tanning methods are used. The finest leather is the one which has been processed with the use of the same agents, as it has been traditionally made for centuries; that is, with the use of vegetable tanning agents which, in case of the leather we use for our products, are mainly acquired from mimosa bark, quebracho wood and chestnut tree. 

The vegetable tanning process preserves the natural texture of leather, producing colours that are rich and warm and giving off a pleasant smell. The vegetable-tanned leather products look more refined over time and acquire features which result from the conditions of their use. 

The leather that we use for our bags, in particular light-coloured leather, may develop a patina, which is typical in case of vegetable-tanned leather and it only confirms the high quality of tanning process based on natural tanning agents and fats, which protect the leather over time and guarantee its high quality. Patina makes the leather look even more beautiful, gives a special quality to the leather and reflects the uniqueness of its personal use. 

GREAT POLISH CRAFT - our products are crafted in small batches in a small Polish leathercraft workshop, where experienced professionals follow the principles of traditional leathercraft with due regard and attention while respecting the material used when performing their time-consuming work. Every product is the result of able human hands, therefore it is particularly valuable, unique and exceptional.

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